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Testimonials for Customer Service

Thank you for your prompt service and quality work on Rascal's urn. It arrived here promptly, you and your company were a great comfort for me. I would recommend your services to all my friends and family.

Laura T.
Arizona Wood Urn

We did receive Cody's urn last week. It is so beautiful.

We also appreciate your kind thoughts and the great customer service you provided.

Thank you so much!

Janice R.
Michigan Wood Urn, with Husky Figurine

I did receive my photo urn. Itís lovely and was packed so well it arrived intact and undamaged. When I can arrange a quiet moment, I will open it and transfer my sweet Willieís ashes. I miss Willie terribly and it took a year for me to even order the urn for him. He was with me for 17 years. Now he will sit next to his sister, Princess who died at 13, on the shelf above my desk so that I can be comforted by their daily presence. Nothing can replace the joy and love they brought into my life for over 18 years, but knowing that he has a beautiful final resting place will help.

I have another little Chihuahua that I rescued after Princess passed and I know that I will turn to you again for assistance when itís her time. Difficult as it is, we have a responsibility as pet owners to know when itís time for them to go and I had to make that decision with Willie, but not with Princess. Iím sure you have helped many other pet owners in their grief.

I really do appreciate your follow-through and the instructions and note that came with the urn. Thank you for your wonderful service.

Annie K.
Florida Photo Urn

What excellent customer service!

Yes, it arrived safely and the figurine is perfect. It almost looks like our Sammie Girl.

Thanks too for the kinds words. Sammie left us in June and it took me this long to purchase or even shop for the urn. I haven't summoned the courage to ""do the deed"" and transfer the ashes yet.

We also appreciate the ""price break."" It could not have come at a better time. Sammie was only 6 yo and was stricken with a rare blood disorder. She was in ""doggie ICU"" for 11 days so you can imagine the vet bill we're facing. It was also a shock since it happened so quickly.

In the past 7 years, I've lost both parents, two dogs (Am Eskimos) and 2 cats. More than some lose in a lifetime. I keep coming back to those animals and while they don't replace those before them, they help to continue the joy and love in the house! (I tried adopted ""foster"" parents, but they seem to have their own children already! LOL)

Anyway, I always try to return a nice deed. So, I would like to turn you on to our local magazine (HYPERLINK """" that you might want to check out. Many people, like me, shop online as we don't have time to visit the ""boutique"" stores in person. This magazine reaches the wealthier (not me for sure) people in our area. I happen to be friends with one of the photographers (Gina) and get a complimentary copy. Just a thought if you'd consider ""long distance"" advertising. I would be more than wiling to give a testimonial.

Okay, enough said. Thank you again, Mark. Your kindness in all respects and your business approach was refreshing and needed.

Wishing you continued success, good health and many dog and cat kisses in your life ahead.

Lori B.
Florida Wood urn, with American Eskimo Figurine

Yes, I did receive it and it is beautiful. Thanks so much for your wonderful customer service. I also want to thank for the card, it was very thoughtful of you.

Nikki M.
Virginia Photo Urn

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