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Testimonials for Library Edition

I did receive the shipment; it is beautiful, so thank you. As well as being a cat lover, I'm also a book lover, and these Library Edition urns are just the most wonderful idea. It's a great comfort to have them snuggled in with all my books. I guess you can tell I have more then one of these; I have lost two of my dear friends in the last year.

Thank you and your company for your care, concern, quality of service and product. It all means a great deal.

Colete R.
Iowa Keepsake Library Edition

It is a beautiful piece, and it is a great way to honor his memory. I have already told all the pet owners I know about this for their future needs. It truly is a unique, yet practical way to keep your pets near you for always. Also appreciated were the small thoughtful touches such as the kind card...and the super glue. It is nice to have it arrive, and due to including something so simple like the glue, I was able to have it displayed almost immediately. Great touch!! Thank you again for everything.

Lora C.
North Carolina Two Book Library Edition