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Testimonials for Memory Box

We received Buck's Memory Box today and it was beautiful. Just the right size for him and all of his special mementos- collars, tags, baby teeth, fur, pictures, and toys. Thank you for providing a special product with personalized service. I have included a picture of Buck - he was a yellow Lab - 120 pounds and 12 years old.

Robyn H.
West Virginia Memory Box

We received the memory box and it's beautiful. We have placed several special keepsakes in the box with Copper's ashes. Thank you so much for the follow up email and the kind words.

Stacey M.
Missouri Memory Box

I wanted to let you know that we received the memory box the same day we picked up Patty's remains. It was beautiful and now she is at rest. Upon losing our pet, I must admit the last thing I wanted to do was look for something of this nature, but I found that your site was the most welcoming. We found exactly what we was looking for to keep Patty and her belongings.

Thank you again my husband and I appreciate it very much.

Christine and Allen H.
Iowa Memory Box

I received the Memory Box and I am very pleased with it. It is absolutely beautiful and a perfect piece for saving special items with my Bailey.

I really appreciate your follow up. Your customer service is truly outstanding.

Tiffany K.
California Memory Box

Yes I do like my Urn for Diego ashes, thank you for sending this to find out. I have his ashes and his favorite balls, his pinch collar and leash in it. It is really preatty and I really like it, thank you for all the info you gave me before I paid for it.

Dorothy E.
Florida Memory Box

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