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Testimonials for Wood Urn

Thank you for your prompt service and quality work on Rascal's urn. It arrived here promptly, you and your company were a great comfort for me. I would recommend your services to all my friends and family.

Laura T.
Arizona Wood Urn

Yes it did arrived the very same day I went to pick up her ashes. Perfect timing! You guys sure are quick! The urn is beautiful. So was the one we ordered from you in April for our dear boy Teddy. It seems when they get old......they all get old at the same time. Our Teddy was old, but not as old as our Tori who was almost eighteen years old. We miss them terribly, but find comfort in knowing we gave them a good long comfortable life.

We rescue needy dogs who need a home......and have more who need us. Teddy and Tori will be missed. Your urns are on our shelf and we have them in our hearts. Thank you for a wonderful and needed product.

Maxine and David A.
California Wood Urn

The Wood Urn we purchased for Pinkie was perfect . We added a small white sleeping cat ceramic figurine on top absolutely perfect.

It's so hard to lose them to an illness but worse to an accident. We got to spend a great 10 months doing all of her favorite things after her cancer was diagnosed.

This is the 4th Wood Urn we have purchase from you (Buddy, Babi and Sir Skitterbug) ) and we love your products and kind words.

Thanks for your kind words and fine product. It gives us comfort.

Debbie M.
California Wood Urn

The box was beautiful - WAY better than I anticipated. The craftsmanship was wonderful and it was very easy to transfer her ashes. I am proud to display the engraved case on our built in cabinet.

I'll be sure to recommend Angel Ashes to others.

Thank you for providing such a beautiful resting place for Sadie.

Barbara W.
Texas Wood Urn

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