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Library Book Titles - Pet Urns

The Library Edition provides a very unique way of personalizing your pet urn. The Books are designed so that the “titles” on the book’s binding are embossed with your personalization. There are a number of titles you may select from as well as place your pet’s name dates and even a photo of your loved one in place of a title.

Keepsake Labels for Library Edition Pet Cremation Urns, Green Title   Two Book Label for Library Edition Pet Urns, Burgundy Titles   Three Book Labels for Library Edition Pet Urn
Keepsake Edition   Two Books   Three Books
• The titles, made of a leatherette material, are either burgundy or green in color, matching the color scheme of the Book pet cremation urn chosen.   • Your personalized titles are embossed in gold letters just prior to the pet urn being shipped to you.   • The Keepsake Edition and Second Edition pet urns provide for two titles each, while the Three Book provides for six titles.

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