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Testimonials for Original Edition with Figurine

Thank you very much for your shipping confirmation. We did receive the urn, and we're very pleased with it. Thank you so much for the quick response to the order; I had the urn before I had Sasha's remains. It was very comforting for our family to be able to establish her memorial right away.

Tracey L.
Nevada Original Edition, with Labrador Retriever, Chocolate Figurine

Thankyou very much, the Urn is beautiful. I know the inscription was very odd, this is not for an animal, this is for my mother. She raised poodles for many years but loved all animals, and I couuld not find the right Urn until a friend told me of your web sight when her dog died. Than I found the perfect one, and I know my mother would and will love this until the end of time.

Charlotte T.
Tennessee Original Edition, with Poodle Figurine

Hello, I just received my angel urn for my schnauzer and I am speechless. My boy was special to me and my dad who has since passed away. I don't even think I will put it outside as I had thought I would because it will look nicely beside the flag box I have for my dad. I looked for a review page but could not find one. I just wanted to let you know that I love it and cried when I opened the schnauzer statue before I made it to the angel. Thank you very much for the wonderful urn.

Brenda R.
West Virginia Original Edition, with Schnauzer Figurine

We recieved the angel . she is great !! Meka "" the moose "" Haldeman , born may 13 , 1995 , and died july 14 , 2008 at 11:20 am . The world was a much better place when she was here , our sweet friend !! Meka had a great life with lots of joy and , lots of food !!She would great you with what seemed to be a big smile as much as to say ""Hi , how are you , its good to see you , GOT FOOD ? "" She sure loved to eat . She would come and get you at dinner time and talk how only huskies do and tell you its TIME TO EAT !! She was so happy to please you . so many stories , and not enough years. We will miss her forever. Our lives have been changed , lonely , lost ,very sad , but better to have been able to spend time with Meka the moose .We were holding her when she died , so not to feel alone and to show her we loved her.The last kiss on the head and goodbye forever . the end of an era. our sweet, beautiful Meka , gone to a place where we hope to see her again someday ! REST NOW OUR LOVE , SO YOU CAN PLAY WITH THE ANGELS !

Dave and Sue H.
Pennsylvania Original Edition, with Husky Figurine

I received the Angel Ashes Urn for Ziggy and am quite pleased with it. Thank you for your excellent customer service. And thank you for the condolences.

Ranah W.
New York Original Edition, with Chihuahua Figurine

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