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Our Start
Reason for our start, Abbey Dog
Abbey Dog Story

Angel Ashes was created to bring peace and comfort to those of us who have lost or are about to lose a beloved pet. Angel Ashes is for any type of pet of any size, but is dedicated to Abbey Dog. She was a ten pound Maltese with such a huge spirit. So courageous, so outgoing, so loving, so tender, so smart and so happy. A pure joy. I was blessed to have her, so blessed. She was a bright and shining light, full of warmth and love and goodwill, and her goodness shone through her. She was a precious little angel and will live forever in my heart. And so I created Angel Ashes to bring me the peace in my heart I so badly needed, and to give Abbey Dog the resting place she so richly deserved.

If your pet is sick, I sincerely hope it recovers. If not, I can only hope Angel Ashes will bring you the same peace it has brought me.

Brad Ogle
Co-Founder, Angel Ashes

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